Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I think it's interesting how sometimes people can look at the same thing and come to completely different conclusions. It happens with art, when two people have different interpretations of what a piece, particularly an abstract one, mean. It can happen with film, as demonstrated in many ways, though the the example I'll go with is the ending of Inception, where some people took the last shot to mean it was a dream and others took it to mean it was real. What's interesting about this though, is that in this case, the ending is only what started the argument. People went back to different parts of the movie to provide evidence that they were correct in interpreting the ending.

Which brings me to The Hunger Games trilogy. I have read all the books, and enjoyed the series overall, though I have opinions regarding the third book. (Seriously, you're just going to change the entire format of the series in the last one? The other two books were practically the same in set-up and order, then it was all different in the last one!) The thing I find interesting is how strongly people have reacted to the epilogue bit at the end. I've seen people say that the epilogue was terrible for wrapping up a complex and dark series in such a happy friendly way, and others who said the ending fit the series perfectly in terms to tone, that it was not so much happy, as optimistic. What strikes me as interesting is that often these people are using the same quotes to prove their points.