Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Homemade "Hostess" Cupcakes

So a while ago I found a recipe to make my own Hostess Cupcakes.
I bought the ingredients to make them earlier this week, and today I finally got around to baking them.

First I made the cupcakes themselves.
The recipe said there would be 24. I got 22, though one broke apart when I removed it from the cupcake pan, so I ended up with 21.
Fun story, I don't have a big cupcake pan that can bake 24 cupcakes at once. I only have a cupcake pan that bake 6 cupcakes at once. So while it should have taken about half an hour to do the baking part, it actually took about 2 hours.

Also I don't have a real cooling rack so I used this improvised one.
Then I made the filling.
There's more than there looks in there.
Once the cupcakes were cool I started to fill them. I used a plastic baggie and a decorating tip. Unfortunately, the tip was supposed to screw on the a real frosting bag, instead of just being stuck inside a cut out tip. The results were messy to say the least.
I got better as I went. It helped when I realized that it was better to turn the cupcake upside-down with the tip pointing up to do the piercing, rather then trying the shove the tip into the cupcake.
So those cupcakes sat quietly while I made the frosting.

Frosting was also a bit messy, but it covered the mess of filling them.

Finally I just had to do the swirl. I had some store-bought tube frosting for that.
All of the cupcakes

One of the cupcakes
Anyway, onto more important things. Like eating a cupcake.

I may have been overly concerned with how much filling I was inserting into the cupcakes. Hopefully the other cupcakes got more.
Other than the lack of filling it was very yummy.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 4 Celebrations

Wow, I just started blogging again and I'm already late posting.

Anyway, to my credit I was a little busy. Here's how yesterday went.

Get up.
Go to work.
Get home.
Learn plans for the evening.
Shower and change.
Come downstairs and learn that plans are now different.
Go to Grandparents.
Swim, chat, play etc. with some cousins.
Learn we are walking 30 minutes to the fireworks.
Look down at shoes.
See something similar to these:
Wish I was wearing something more like these:
Start walking.
Realize that the path is downhill on roads with no sidewalks.
Come the realization that the way back will be uphill in the dark...
...with no sidewalks.
Get to the park and set up blankets.
Watch the fireworks.
Feel really really happy because I love fireworks.
Continue to feel happy walking uphill in the dark on a road with no sidewalks in heels because I got to see fireworks.
Go home.

By the way, as tiring as the walk was, it was worth it. I love fireworks.