Sunday, April 24, 2011

I do too much internet

As some of you might know, this month is BEDA/VEDA. I am clearly not participating in either one, but I am following many other people who are. At least, I was. Then I went to Italy for 10 days. It was an amazing trip, I learned a lot and I will write all about it, but while there I had limited interne access. I checked my e-mail everyday or so to let my parents know everything was fine, but other than that, I didn't keep up with the ridiculous number of things I follow online. So now I'm faced with a choice, reread ten days worth of blog postings, watch ten days worth of videos read pages upon pages from other websites I like... or not. So far I'm going with not. I'm watching some stuff that I missed, but I'm not making it a priority. It's very freeing to decide to go without most internet for a while and realize that it doesn't matter if I'm up to date on the adventures of someone I've never met, because I'd rather be having adventures of my own. I will write more about my Italy trip but not for a bit because today I'm getting on another plane and going to look at a university.
Edit: Yes I realize the irony/hypocrisy whatever you want to call it of the above statement. But I also don't care.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

College is like a simile

So being a second semester senior is really fun. Except for, you know, having to make the biggest decision of my life so far and needing to choose where I will live for the next four-five years. No pressure or anything. So far though there have been some funny similes created about the process.

1. Rejection is like apple juice:
I once had both a glass of apple juice and a glass of chocolate milk. At one point, I meant to drink from the chocolate milk glass but grabbed the apple juice instead. My first thought was not, "Oh I'm drinking apple juice" but rather, "boy, this chocolate milk tastes really weird." Then I looked down at what I was drinking and realized it was apple juice.
In getting decision letters from schools, I was lucky enough to receive several acceptances in a row. Then came my first rejection. When I opened the letter I didn't think, "oh, I've been rejected" but rather, "this is the most depressing acceptance letter ever". Then I saw the words, "we're sorry" and my brain gave me a slap.

2. Choosing Schools is like Twilight
I was discussing my choice of schools with my dad. I had/have narrowed down the list to my top two and was/am frustrated that it is a difficult choice. So I said, "It's like Scylla and Charybdis." My dad looked at me, smiled and said, "No, it's more like choosing between the cute vampire and the cute werewolf."

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wizard Rock Number 2!

Last night I went to a Wizard Rock show! More specifically, I went to the first show on the Whomp the House Tour, so that felt pretty cool, since my only other experience at Wizard Rock was the last show of the last tour. I wonder if the next show I go to will be the exact middle show of tour. That would be cool.

This show was held at Julia's House, so thank you to Julia for opening her home to this amazing event. (My mom had a hard time with the thought that someone would have a show in their home. "Are you sure 'Julia's house' isn't a restaurant?" "Yes." "Can you Google it please to be sure?" [I do so] "Yes I'm sure, nothing's showing up." "Maybe it's a club.")

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lost in the Dark

"Almost every species in the universe has an irrational fear of the dark." -The Doctor (Silence in the Library)

Why do we fear the darkness? Obviously, no light means that we can't see any threats coming our way, but it's possible to find a place so secure that you don't worry about the enemy. Personally, I think the fear of the dark comes less from a fear that we can't detect our enemies, and more from a fear that we can't detect our friends. People have all sorts of ways to create safe spaces that no one else can access, ensuring that our enemies can't get to us. But to make a place really secure, one must find a way to exclude others.

I got really lost a little while go, and while I was driving around, scared, confused and wondering when I crossed the town lines, I thought about this issue, mostly because it was dark out when this happened. And I remember that my greatest fear during this time wasn't that I would be attacked, or run into trouble, but the I might never find my way home again.

But then, just as I was giving up hope, I went into a parking lot to ask for directions and found a nice couple, who not only gave me directions, they offered to guide me back the highway. Thank you couple I don't know for reminding me that even in the darkness we can find decent people, to help us find our way home.