Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day

I love the snow. I always have. Hopefully I always will. When I started learning to drive, everyone told me I would start to hate the snow, that all my warm fuzzy feelings that I got inside (certainly never in my fingers or toes) would vanish, and all I would see was this cold wet thing, acting to ruin my life. While I do recognize the inconvenience of having to brush snow off the car, and having to shovel the driveway, and having to keep extra space between my car and others so that if I hit an icy patch I don't cause I huge accident, I still don't hate the snow. Snow may come with all those annoyances, but it isn't those annoyances. They're just side affects. It's like people who say they don't like babies because of the crying and pooping. That's not disliking babies, that's disliking crying and pooping. It's not the baby's fault he can't talk or use the toilet, and it's not the snow's fault that it's icy and slippery and opaque (hence brushing it off the car so one can see).

What I love about snow is the sense of calm it brings to everything. If there's snow on the ground near you, just take a second and look. If there isn't snow on the ground near you, I feel sorry for you. You may go to Google images and look at snow covered landscapes. I'll wait. Everything just looks so connected, like one smooth surface. It almost makes me want to try and figure out what polynomial equation could create this particular smooth, continuous, differentiable surface. Then I stop being the little math geek that I am and just make some hot chocolate, while I curl up with a good book and watch the snow fall (I like Let It Snow by Maureen Johnson, John Green and Lauren Myracle for a snow day read). As much as I like sledding and snow ball fights, part of me wants to hold off an doing these, because I know that as soon as I start traipsing through the snow, I will ruin that perfect little blanket...

...until the next snow fall that is.

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