Monday, February 7, 2011

More Like "My Little Unicorn"

So today I went to "McDonalds" for lunch with a friend (she's actually sort of the reason I'm doing this blog in the first place). I decided that since I was hungry, but not super hungry I would get a "Happy Meal", because, I'm a five year old at heart and I wanted a toy. Any toy. Now when I ordered I was confronted with an interesting question. Is it for a boy or a girl? Now I know that there are gender specific "Happy Meals" (thank you John Green [all of the video is great but the "Happy Meal" stuff starts around :30]) but I decided not to buy into it. This and toy stores divided up into boy toys and girl toys makes me really mad. I asked to be surprised and low and behold, I got a girl toy. BUT THAT'S OKAY!!!!!

The current girl toys are "My Little Pony" toys. Now while I was waiting for my food, I noticed the little display of all the toys. After a discussion about why a "My Little Pony" riding a "Tonka" truck (or is it "Tonka Truck? how much of that is trademarked/copyrighted ect.?) would be epic (it would be the ultimate fusion of femininity and masculinity) I noticed one of the ponies was called "Twilight Sparkle" (you may have noticed a lot of quotation marks. Basically anything I think might be copyrighted or trademarked is getting that). According to the description on the "Happy Meal" box she is (look! an actual quote!) "clever and loves to read!"

Now I choose to believe that the "Twilight" reference was poking fun at the popularity of the book series, I could be wrong. I probably am. Anyway, my friend and I decided that, this pony, being so very clever, didn't read anything by Stephanie Meyer, choosing instead to enjoy Kafka, Austen and the Bronte sisters.

I decided that the suspense must come to an end and decided to finally find out what toy I had. LOW AND BEHOLD! I got "Twilight Sparkle". And I also looked a little more closely at the box and the toy to learn a horrifying fact. This "pony" was actually a unicorn! She had a horn and everything! She is not a pony. She's a freakin' unicorn. (See for yourself)

Now unlike the above mentioned John Green, I like both unicorns and "My Little Ponies" (skip to about 1:45 on that video to see what I mean). However, I don't understand why the tiny pony company doesn't just create a whole side company called My Little Unicorn. They could make double the money!

Anyway, this was seen as pretty awesome by me, and I proceeded to geek out in the "McDonalds" to the horror of my friend. Seriously, people were turning and staring.When I shared the awesomeness with other friends (there was a pedestal to put her on that was also a comb for her tail!) the general reaction was, "that's nice, you can calm down now."

I have decided by the way, that "Twilight Sparkle" is actually her breed, so I have named my unicorn Princess Prettypants. If you don't get the reference take a look at this book (see the book trailer here). Hint: The Meg Cabot story.

One last thing. If you like so see people do really embarrassing things that are related to "My Little Pony" click here. See you real soon.

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