Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe

Hello! It's Christmas and that mean the Doctor Who Christmas Special! Just a reminder, there will be spoilers.

I liked how the opening just threw us right into the action with no explanation of why this ship was going to blow up earth. Even if you'd seen the prequel, it's never really explained, but to be fair it doesn't really matter or have anything to do with the rest of the story. I liked the introduction to Mag and her family. I loved when Mag gave a whole big explanation of where she was going to Cyril, who simply told his dad that she was going "out". I've totally done that before.

Picking the phone box lock with a bobby pin. Oh, that was just great, especially that little moment of relief when we learn it's not actually the TARDIS. Hopefully that's not how she got him into the real one.

Skipping ahead, I can say, with full confidence, I want the Doctor to be my interior decorator. That house was amazing. I loved the kids' room. Mag's conversation with the Doctor about not wanting to tell her kids that their father died was amazing. In a lot of ways I feel like they've made the point that the previous two Doctors were very angsty about all the Time Lords dying and what they'd lost, but that this Doctor while still affected by it isn't letting it rule over him the way the previous Doctor's did. This scene seemed to serve as a reminder (for me at least) and I liked that he touched on his great losses without making it about him.

I liked Lily's comment when she walked into the Doctor's room as well as his follow up. "You lied about the panthers." "Famous last words." At first I wasn't sure whether she know Cyril was downstairs and was lying to help cover up that he was sneaking a peek, or if she was really unaware that he had sneaked off.

The tree was very cool. When the Doctor and Lily went in after Cyrill and he explained about time moving differently, my only thought was, "well duh, anyone who's read a Narnia book knows that time moves differently there," but still appreciated the reference.

I'd seen the initial clip with Mag and the three people where they thought she was armed because of the wool before, but it still held up. I really liked where that scene went. From the woman lowering her gun because of the visual to the reveal that Mag was wearing wool and was armed.

The tree people were cool. I saw it coming that Cyril and the Doctor were weak because they were male, but it was still as nice touch. Similarly, that Reg survived (every time I say Reg, I think of Reg Cattermole from Harry Potter) was something I saw coming, though the way they did it surprised me. I also loved Mag's speech to Cyril that she'd always told him not to open presents early so "this was to be expected."

Finally, the ending with Amy and Rory. "I have a water gun!" That is one way to get rid of carolers. I was surprised that they had it be two years in the future for Amy and Rory since this places them, well, two years in the future and they're coming back next season for a little bit at least but I'm sure there's a plan.

Overall, I liked this Christmas special. Since the next season doesn't start until fall, I really hope they do make an Easter special to tide us over, but as there hasn't been one announced I'm not holding my breath.

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