Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Music

Normally I would wait until tomorrow to post this, but I'll be traveling  home, so I'd rather just do this now and not have to worry about forgetting.

About a year ago I got the idea to put all the Christmas/Winter ect. music on my iPod into a playlist so that I could access it easily and put myself into the holiday spirit at this time of year. I never actually did it, but today the dining hall was playing Christmas music while I ate, so I decided to go ahead and do it. I found 16 songs that related to this season. If I find more I will add them to the playlist and this list, but for now this is my Christmas/Winter playlist:

Note: Songs can be played in any order, not just this one, though the songs from Nightmare Before Christmas are in the order in which they appear in the movie.

Another Note: I tried to find videos or streamed songs posted by the artists themselves. The only place where I couldn't do this were the songs from Nightmare Before Christmas. The Weird Al song might be pushing it as well. If for some reason any of the videos or songs are no longer available, let me know and I'll do my best to replace them.

1. Snow Day - ALL CAPS

2. Christmas Wish - ALL CAPS

3. Not Alone - ALL CAPS

4. Lumos Flies - ALL CAPS (Not technically a Christmas or winter song but it takes place at the Yule Ball so I'm counting it.)

5. Christmas is Almost Here - The Arrogant Worms (This is in the Christmas Turkey album.)

6. Santa's Gonna Kick Your A*s - The Arrogant Worms (This is in the Hindsight 20/20 album, and the Christmas Turkey album.)

7. WTFAMP (The Christmas Song) - Letters to Cleo (It starts about 8 seconds in.)

8. What's This - Danny Elfman (This and all the Nightmare Before Christmas Songs are the original ones that appeared in the movies. While I have cover versions of some of these on my iPod I decided not to have repeats and just stick with the original cast recordings.)

9. Town Meeting - Nightmare Before Christmas Cast

10. Jack's Obsession - Danny Elfman/Nightmare Before Christmas Cast

11. Making Christmas - Danny Elfman/Nightmare Before Christmas Cast

12. Kidnap the Sandy Claws - Catherine O'Hara, Danny Elfman & Paul Reubens

13. In the Absence of Christmas - Charlie McDonnell

14. Black Santas - Lauren Fairweather (On the CD version one line is changed to "and frankly I can't wait. You'll know which one I mean.)

15. The Night Santa Went Crazy - Weird Al Yankovic (Scroll down for the full music video.)

16. Jesus Gets Nothing for Christmas - Hank Green

I think the part of this list I find funniest is that I'm Jewish and don't have a single Hanukkah song on here. That and the fact that except for song 4 the most "normal" Christmas songs are by ALL CAPS.

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