Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Simpler Pet

Hello blog readers. Happy Valentines day. Did you get any chocolate or flowers today? I didn't, but that's okay. Tomorrow I will go to the pharmacy and get SO MUCH chocolate for the price of SO LITTLE chocolate. And as for flowers....

Give it time. They're growing.

Yes, that's right I'm growing my own flowers. We aren't allowed to have any pet animals in the dorm but they said nothing about a pet plant. A few weeks ago I saw this pot, with a soil pellet and seeds selling for $1.00 at Target, so I got it and planted it. They will some day be forget-me-nots.

I think I shall name them Lockhart. Or Gilderoy. Or Dory. Or Lenny. Or maybe I'll name each flower that sprouts individually with one of these names.

Anyway, although I got the flowers for myself I like the idea of giving either a potted plant, or seeds,dirt and a pot as a gift for Valentines instead of a dead flower. I feel like a growing plant symbolizes the spirit of the holiday so much better than a dead one. In fact, it could be fun to stay in and plant some flowers as a date.

Of course, flowers are lovely no matter what. Especially the ones my Dad got for my Mom. That I haven't seen but have been assured are lovely.

Happy Valentines Day Mom and Dad!!!!

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