Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Epic Saga of my Phone

This is a tale that began long ago. And by long ago, I mean early December. Wow, it really only started 2 months ago. It suddenly doesn't feel like so long. Wait, no, it technically began last summer. Okay, lets start for real now.

I got a new cell phone this summer. It was my first cell phone in four and a half years. As in, it was my second phone ever. And it was a smartphone, with a big touch screen that is used for everything. It was blue, so I named it Barry and all was well. I went from being someone who almost never carried a phone, to being someone who treated her phone like a second arm. And then, disaster struck. In early December, the touchscreen stopped working, rendering my phone nothing more than an expensive paperweight.

I went to the store and was informed that it could not be fixed, but that it could be exchanged through the mail. I waited until my parents sent me my old phone to use temporarily, and I mailed my phone off, to have it delivered to me at home, where I would be during winter break.

Lo and behold, after only a few days of vacation my new phone arrived, mailed to my home. I was ecstatic. Until I looked more carefully. There was no back cover to my phone, nor battery. What had happened? I called the company with questions and was informed that I was no supposed to have mailed those in with the phone. I explained that this was news to me and they said they would find the items and have them sent to me. I would receive a  confirmation e-mail within three days.

Two and a half weeks later I still had nothing, no e-mail, nor phone parts. I went to the store and was informed that I was not supposed to have sent in my phone on my own. I was told that the phone company was supposed to have sent me a box, with instructions on what to mail in and what not to mail in. They looked in the computer and told me that the missing pieces would be arriving within 10-15 business days. I would be back at school by then, but my parents promised to keep an eye out. In the meantime, my dad managed to find a new battery online as well as a case to protect my phone.

When the parts still didn't arrive, I went back to the store near my school. A new associate looked into the matter and gave me the bad news. The parts would arrive 10-15 business days after they were found, if they were found. She further explained that the odds were slim of them ever being found. She tried in vain to get the company to give me a new battery and back cover as it was not my fault they were lost, but the company refused. I left, upset, but glad to finally have a straight answer. I thought this was the end of my tale.

It's now a few weeks later. I received a voice mail from my dad telling me to call home. I did and was informed that a miracle had occurred. There was a package for me. It's return address was the city to which I'd mailed my phone and it had a sticker proclaiming that a lithium battery was inside. My parents opened it and found inside, the missing parts. And so, finally, the tale comes to a close.

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