Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Homemade "Hostess" Cupcakes

So a while ago I found a recipe to make my own Hostess Cupcakes.
I bought the ingredients to make them earlier this week, and today I finally got around to baking them.

First I made the cupcakes themselves.
The recipe said there would be 24. I got 22, though one broke apart when I removed it from the cupcake pan, so I ended up with 21.
Fun story, I don't have a big cupcake pan that can bake 24 cupcakes at once. I only have a cupcake pan that bake 6 cupcakes at once. So while it should have taken about half an hour to do the baking part, it actually took about 2 hours.

Also I don't have a real cooling rack so I used this improvised one.
Then I made the filling.
There's more than there looks in there.
Once the cupcakes were cool I started to fill them. I used a plastic baggie and a decorating tip. Unfortunately, the tip was supposed to screw on the a real frosting bag, instead of just being stuck inside a cut out tip. The results were messy to say the least.
I got better as I went. It helped when I realized that it was better to turn the cupcake upside-down with the tip pointing up to do the piercing, rather then trying the shove the tip into the cupcake.
So those cupcakes sat quietly while I made the frosting.

Frosting was also a bit messy, but it covered the mess of filling them.

Finally I just had to do the swirl. I had some store-bought tube frosting for that.
All of the cupcakes

One of the cupcakes
Anyway, onto more important things. Like eating a cupcake.

I may have been overly concerned with how much filling I was inserting into the cupcakes. Hopefully the other cupcakes got more.
Other than the lack of filling it was very yummy.

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