Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 4 Celebrations

Wow, I just started blogging again and I'm already late posting.

Anyway, to my credit I was a little busy. Here's how yesterday went.

Get up.
Go to work.
Get home.
Learn plans for the evening.
Shower and change.
Come downstairs and learn that plans are now different.
Go to Grandparents.
Swim, chat, play etc. with some cousins.
Learn we are walking 30 minutes to the fireworks.
Look down at shoes.
See something similar to these:
Wish I was wearing something more like these:
Start walking.
Realize that the path is downhill on roads with no sidewalks.
Come the realization that the way back will be uphill in the dark...
...with no sidewalks.
Get to the park and set up blankets.
Watch the fireworks.
Feel really really happy because I love fireworks.
Continue to feel happy walking uphill in the dark on a road with no sidewalks in heels because I got to see fireworks.
Go home.

By the way, as tiring as the walk was, it was worth it. I love fireworks.

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