Saturday, December 22, 2012

First Pair of Socks!

So I've been knitting for a while, but until this last week had never made a sock. It's not that it's so challenging to make a sock, it's more that I didn't have the right equipment. Then this summer I got some more double pointed needles and suddenly, socks were within my grasp. I made some attempts at making a sock while at school, but I kept putting it aside and pulling it out to discover that the stitches had all slipped off while I was neglecting it. So I decided to wait until I was home for winter break.

I got home and then I did it. I made a sock!
The aforementioned sock.
Then I started to make a mate for this sock.
The progress of sock number 2.

For comparison.

This particular yarn is very thin and I got a little bored. I decided that I wanted to knit some socks that wouldn't take as long. I looked through my stash and found I had some wool yarn I could use. Long story short, I now have a pair of knitted woolen socks.
The pair on their own.

And on my feet.

Another angle of them on my feet.
So yeah, socks. I can make those now.

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