Saturday, April 9, 2011

College is like a simile

So being a second semester senior is really fun. Except for, you know, having to make the biggest decision of my life so far and needing to choose where I will live for the next four-five years. No pressure or anything. So far though there have been some funny similes created about the process.

1. Rejection is like apple juice:
I once had both a glass of apple juice and a glass of chocolate milk. At one point, I meant to drink from the chocolate milk glass but grabbed the apple juice instead. My first thought was not, "Oh I'm drinking apple juice" but rather, "boy, this chocolate milk tastes really weird." Then I looked down at what I was drinking and realized it was apple juice.
In getting decision letters from schools, I was lucky enough to receive several acceptances in a row. Then came my first rejection. When I opened the letter I didn't think, "oh, I've been rejected" but rather, "this is the most depressing acceptance letter ever". Then I saw the words, "we're sorry" and my brain gave me a slap.

2. Choosing Schools is like Twilight
I was discussing my choice of schools with my dad. I had/have narrowed down the list to my top two and was/am frustrated that it is a difficult choice. So I said, "It's like Scylla and Charybdis." My dad looked at me, smiled and said, "No, it's more like choosing between the cute vampire and the cute werewolf."

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