Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wizard Rock Number 2!

Last night I went to a Wizard Rock show! More specifically, I went to the first show on the Whomp the House Tour, so that felt pretty cool, since my only other experience at Wizard Rock was the last show of the last tour. I wonder if the next show I go to will be the exact middle show of tour. That would be cool.

This show was held at Julia's House, so thank you to Julia for opening her home to this amazing event. (My mom had a hard time with the thought that someone would have a show in their home. "Are you sure 'Julia's house' isn't a restaurant?" "Yes." "Can you Google it please to be sure?" [I do so] "Yes I'm sure, nothing's showing up." "Maybe it's a club.")

So, starting off, I want to apologize to Justin Finch Fletchley (who's real name according to this site is, in fact, Justin. I feel like I should have known that). The reason for my apology is a bit bizarre. The last time I went to a Wrock show, he wasn't able to preform because he was ill. This time he was there... but his thumb was broken and he couldn't play guitar, and needed to use background tracks. I don't actually think this was my fault, but, you know, I feel like if this happens a third time, then it's getting freaky.

Let's get to the set list!

JFF Set List
-Dance With You
-Decisions to Make
-Dumbledore is Gay and that's Okay
-Umbridge is Dumbridge
-(I Don't Want) Steak and Kidney Pie (I Want Pizza Pie) -Fun Fact: This was a special request from Julia, and as such the only song who's name wasn't announced before being preformed. I love awkwardly asking everyone listening if they know what he song is called. At least this time I waited until after the show was over to ask. (Sorry again Mary Beth)
-Pizza in the Hall
-Expelliarmus  -So just before singing this song, Justin referred to Hedwig as Deadwig. Am I evil for finding that funny?

Anyway we all danced around during Justin's set and were all tuckered out by the time Lauren came out. So we sat down. And so did she. She was in a chair and we were on the floor. Like we were looking up and worshiping her. Or something. Maybe staying up late going to Wrock concerts isn't the best thing for my writing ability. Oh well. On to the set list!

LF (I've decided that I will use initials instead of writing out full names for consistency.)
-I'm Going to Hogwarts -A set of keys got knocked to the ground in the middle of the song and Lauren freaked out from the rather loud bang. It was nice to see I'm not the only one who fears loud noises.
-Painfully Obvious
-Art Class -This and the above songs were Ukelele, the below songs were guitar.
-Engines Make Me Hot -While I've always liked this song, I find it's a lot better now that I've actually started watching Firefly. I've finished watching Jaynestown and am giving myself a little time before the next episode.
-It's Real for Us          }These three are from the Prince's Tale.
-Family (I'll be Gone) }Brand spanking new song. As in, three days old. Be jealous.
-And Then I Died

-I Believe in Nargles
-Wizard Rock Heart Throb
-Fall in Love Tonight
-On Behalf of Neville -So I loved that this song was played for two reasons. 1. It got everyone up off the floor and dancing and 2. I was wearing my home made "On Behalf of Neville shirt (that I got Matt to sign after!)
-House of Awesome Theme Song
-First Day of High School           }What's that? You don't know these two
-You Don't Give a Damn for Me }songs? That must be because they are also brand spanking new. Matt revealed his plan to do "solo" music about high school. (Actually Lauren first said he would be doing solo music but... anyway!) These songs definitely had a different feel than his Whomping Willow songs. I think it's because Wrock songs, no matter how serious always have a nugget of humor just because they're about Harry Potter, while these two songs clearly came from a very personal place. It was definitely interesting. I liked these songs, personally. I'm interested to see how other people feel after hearing them.
-Your Flying Car
-Party All Night
-In Which Draco and Harry Secretly Want to Make Out -There was a little surprise hidden in this song. I won't spoil it though.

So after the show I asked Matt, Lauren and Justin how they felt to be starting tour.
Matt: "[He] is very excited about the next two weeks. [He likes more intimate shows and getting back on the road.
Lauren: "[She] is so pumped. Normally [she] starts stressing out but not this time (or picture of a clock as I put in my notes). [She] broke up the work and was/is all organized."
Justin:"[He] is excited to start tour. It's also very nerve wracking. [He's] happy to play, everything is at zero right now. [They] don't know what tour will be like, what obstacles there will be." (Thank you Justin for making a point of speaking slowly so I could write everything down!)

So, there it is, my summary/set list of another Wrock Show.

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