Sunday, April 24, 2011

I do too much internet

As some of you might know, this month is BEDA/VEDA. I am clearly not participating in either one, but I am following many other people who are. At least, I was. Then I went to Italy for 10 days. It was an amazing trip, I learned a lot and I will write all about it, but while there I had limited interne access. I checked my e-mail everyday or so to let my parents know everything was fine, but other than that, I didn't keep up with the ridiculous number of things I follow online. So now I'm faced with a choice, reread ten days worth of blog postings, watch ten days worth of videos read pages upon pages from other websites I like... or not. So far I'm going with not. I'm watching some stuff that I missed, but I'm not making it a priority. It's very freeing to decide to go without most internet for a while and realize that it doesn't matter if I'm up to date on the adventures of someone I've never met, because I'd rather be having adventures of my own. I will write more about my Italy trip but not for a bit because today I'm getting on another plane and going to look at a university.
Edit: Yes I realize the irony/hypocrisy whatever you want to call it of the above statement. But I also don't care.

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