Friday, July 22, 2011

Deathly Hallows Part 2 Review

I saw Deathly Hallows Part 2 a week ago. As much as I enjoyed it, there were also some things about it that drove me crazy.  So I've complied a list of the different things I thought about it.WARNING SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!

Changes I liked:
-Neville + Luna <3 (I wanted this to happen in the books)
-Voldemort speaking directly into people's mind's instead of loudspeaker style. Since they say he's great at legilimency it fits in that he would be able to do that and I think it makes his announcements more powerful.

-Blowing up the bridge thing. Especially since I recently watched Sorcerer's Stone with much discussion of how in that movie at least Seamus did a lot of fire starting, I liked McGonagall's reference when Neville was unsure of what to do that he ask Mr Finnigan since he has a touch for pyromania. Also I loved Neville getting all cocky when the shields held, with the little beat when Fenrir stuck a toe over and they chased him. Plus the "is Neville dead" moment was very funny especially when he just pops up
-Voldemort's hugging Draco. I have other issues with that scene but that moment was so funny.
-Harry breaking the wand instead of putting it with Dumbledore's body so that when he died a natural death there would be no new master. Does anyone really think Harry, head of the aurors will die a natural death? Really? Although I wish they'd shown him repairing his old wand first.

Changes I disliked:
-No mention of Teddy Lupin except for one thrown in reference, I cried in that movie for a lot of reasons and thinking they'd cut out that character was one. Honestly I was then so mad that they just threw in Harry saying that Lupin had a son. If you're going to get rid of a character do it. Don't do this.
-Harry and Voldmort moving their fight away from everyone else. This is mostly because the only way they could then bring the fight back to everyone else was with...
-The whole Harry/Voldemort smoke travel around Hogwarts thing. Just no, just really no
-Hermione and Ron's first kiss. In the books she kisses him after he says they should get the house elves out because they shouldn't have to die like Dobby. Since he was always making fun of Hermione for the SPEW thing him saying that showed growth and that he was taking Hermione seriously. As opposed to the movie where they get covered in sewer water and just start making out. This kiss is one of my favorite parts in the book and they ruined it
-This is half change half continuity error. In the books Neville contacts Luna after Harry gets to the Room of Requirement (ROR) and she comes through the corrider. In the movie she's already in the ROR when Harry arrives. When did she leave Shell Cottage and how did she get back into Hogwarts, the place she was kidnapped from by Death Eaters? Why was she just let back in and not tortured or anything? It just confused me. They could have just said, "Luna came in through the passage and has been staying in here since about a week ago".

Things I'm on the fence about:
-The way they did the Prince's Tale chapter, I liked part of it but wished there'd been more to the young Lily/Snape scenes, though I might just be sensitive to this because I've been listening to The Prince's Tale so much lately.
-Having Snape get everyone in the Great Hall to ask about Harry. On the one hand the scene was done well and I loved McGonagall protecting Harry and their "Nice to see you" moment. On the other hand I was looking forward to seeing Harry use Crucio after having her get spat on. I mean that's one of my favorite parts of the book. I was disappointed but I also liked what they did instead.
-Similarly, Voldemort's whole, step forward and join me thing, with Neville's speech. I liked that dynamic, I thought it made Neville's resistance even more powerful that it looked like he was joining up but then he took too long to kill the snake. He should have pulled out the sword and killed Nagini (although to be fair, in the book Harry tells Neville to kill the snake before going to the forest, not so much in the movie)

Things I wish had been there but I get were probably cut for time:
-Teddy Lupin and Harry being godfather.  I know I said this already but if they had just cut the whole subplot out I would have had more respect for them honestly than the way they shoved it in at the end with one or two lines
-Dumbledore back story. His relationship with Grindelwald was the only thing in the series that took on new meaning after he was outed from the closet
-Ron saying that they might realize they'd been to Gringotts after escaping on the dragon. Just a funny line.
-Percy's reunion with the family, though I liked that he's shown with the family. Percy's whole subplot has been mostly removed though so it makes sense that they continued to gloss over it.
-Fleur awkwardly changing the subject when Percy shows up by asking Lupin how Teddy's doing. I was also really looking forward to this little comedic beat.
-Not actually showing Fred's death, especiallly since it had him laughing that Percy finally made a joke. Although, again that depended on knowing about Percy's story which was removed.
-That they went after Neville's gran and failed miserably to capture her.
-Harry talking to Dumbledore's portrait after defeating Voldemort.

Tiny detail:
In the book Snape says "take it. Take it" about the momories. In the movie he says "take them" While this may be grammatically more correct I prefer the book version.

Finally, Things the Movie Got Right:
-Mrs. Weasly killing Bellatrix. That line caps off the series and is amazing.
-King's Cross in Harry's Brian. This scene was also done really well. I loved that they kept Dumbledore's line about it being in his head and real.
-The deaths. As sad as they were, that's why they were effective. Colin Creevy, Tonks, Lupin, Fred and everyone else, I cried for you all. Even you Goyle.

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