Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Apparently Math Isn't a Priority

So, like all university campuses are obliges to be, mine is undergoing construction. And, like all construction, it is inconvenient. There's the early morning wake-ups from banging on the building next door. There's the parts of the sidewalk that haven't been filled in yet, meaning that when it rains (cough today cough) you have to walk on mud while trying to avoid getting stabbed in the eye by other people's umbrellas.

The worst of all however is trying to get into my math class. To be clear, that white patch is tarp, not sidewalk.

Now I only have math there once a week. That being said, it is the main math department building. There are people who have math there every day. The only was in is through some small bushes that are currently in the mud.

Good job making it easy for us to get to math.

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