Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Funny College Stories Part 2

It occurs to me I might want to change the name of this section to "Embarrassing College Stories" but I think "funny" better captures how people who aren't me find my predicaments.

The theme of these stories is "I'm having a bad day."

1. I was late to my first class this morning. Now I'm sure this seems not funny and only slightly embarrassing. After all, I'm in college, I stay up late. It's natural that I might oversleep one day and be unable to get to class all the way across campus. Why I shouldn't be embarrassed at all. Here's the thing. I didn't oversleep this morning. I actually got up and started studying for my chem midterm (more about that later) half an hour before my alarm went off. Also, I only left my dorm about five minutes later than usual. I should have been able to get to class on time by just hustling a little, right?

Here's the thing. My class was not across campus. It's right next to my dorm. Pretty much all my classes are in that building. I have my "leave for class" times down to an art. 

When you have a five minute (max) walk to class, getting there late really shouldn't happen. It didn't seem so bad though. The classroom is a smallish lecture room so I could just sneak in the back. My teacher didn't have to know I was late.

Except this was the day we were going over the midterm and I had to go all the way down to the front where he was to pick mine up.

2. As I mentioned, I had my chem midterm today. I don't want to talk about how I think I did, other than to say I probably passed but by how much is the question. Even if I failed it that wouldn't be the embarrassing part. It's chemistry. It's a hard class. There was an article in the school paper a few days ago about how people would switch majors just to avoid having to take more chemistry.

No, my shining moment was after I walked down to turn in my test. The class is in one of those huge lecture halls, with the long staircases for people to walk up and down. On my way up those stairs to the exit I tripped. More accurately, my foot wasn't as completely on the step as I thought and when I lifted my other foot it slid off, propelling me forward.

I don't know how many people saw me and how many were looking their tests, but I'm sure someone saw.

And that's how my day is going. How's yours?

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