Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Heard Somebody Say... (1)

Sometimes you just overhear a stranger and have to laugh. Or cry. Or scream. Or mock them to your friends. For this first edition, it's about laughing.

I was flying back to school this afternoon and was seated next to a couple with an eight month old baby. The baby was generally quiet for the duration of the flight, a little fussy when she got hungry but otherwise fine. After the flight we were sitting on the airplane, waiting to be allowed off and I think... how to phrase this... the kids diaper played it's role well. Since we were still in the plane there wasn't much the parents could do about it. The dad passed the baby off to the mom. The mom then proceeded to softly sing "Smelly Cat" to her daughter.

I think this qualifies as awesome parenting. Of course, this may be a direct result of having a dad who sang the George of the Jungle song when I got behind the wheel with him as a new driver. Either way, I was entertained.

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