Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dial-Up Tour!!!!!!!

So on Friday I went to the Chicago stop on the Dial-Up Tour. I had a lot of fun, and I took a lot of pictures.

The show opened with Olan Rogers.

I'll be honest. I'm still not sure who this guy is, but he was very funny anyway. He told a few stories about his childhood, and I was crying with laughter a little bit.

Next up were Shawna and Tessa, or Nanalew and Meekakitty.

They opened with the song, "Space Crustaceans". Again, I'd never heard this song before, but it was entertaining and a great way for them to start their set. They did some comedy things and sang two more songs.  One was "Lizards Scratching at the Car Door, They Want to Come In".

Apparently it's a metaphor for their lives. They ended with their pop hit. Now, when they first started talking about the song, I thought it was called "Dirty Hipster No No's". Then they started singing it and I though it was good, but wondered when they would start giving out the no no's. Then they starting singing about how they would cut off the hipster's nose and I realized the song was actually called "Dirty Hipster No Nose." It was still a great song, the miscommunication just made it a little surprising.

Now, I've mentioned about twice now how I appreciated that even though I don't watch Olan Rogers, or Tessa or Shawna, I still had a lot of fun during their sets. I'm sure there were some jokes I missed by not watching them, but overall I had fun. I say this to provide contrast to the next group, LiveLavaLive, or Mitchell and Kyle.

Now, I want to be clear, they were very funny, and I still had fun, but their act was longer than the others (or at least felt that way) and I felt a little left out of some jokes. For example, they had a video montage of other recurring characters performing bits of their sketches. Very funny if you've seen the sketches, less so if you haven't.

One part that was sort of in between being inclusive to all and exclusive to fans was when they invited someone up to join them in performing one of their better known sketches live.

I had fun watching the sketch, and a real fan got to interact with them.

Next up was the real reason I'd come, the final act, Jason Munday and Alex Carpenter!!!!

They started with the songs "Start of Something" and "Internet Age", from their EP, "Dial-Up". There was a trock song, "Bowties are cool", and a wrock song, "Lovegood". They played "The Coast" and "Wonderland", also from their new EP, as well as "Ready for Anything" (Star Wars song). They ended with the last song from their new EP, "Bacon Song", and were joined by Tessa.

And then they were joined by the rest of the tour group.

After the show, everyone came out and I was able to meet Jason and Alex. And take pictures with them.

So that was my Friday night. I had an amazing time. Also, funny story. When I showed my ticket to get in the bouncer-man-guy asked me if I was 21. Immediately I panicked and said, "I thought this was an all ages show." He responded by informing me that it was all ages, but that he still needed to know if I was 21. I told him no, and was sent in without a hand stamp. I just found it funny that he couldn't figure out that when my reaction is to panic, I'm probably not 21.

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