Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Priorities are a Thing I Have

So this week is academically not that strenuous. This is good, because this week has a lot of season finales. That I want to not wait until the weekend to watch. I'm totally on top of my work though.

The main problem comes more from the fact that the weather has been lovely for a few days now, so I have to pry myself outside to enjoy it.

Currently however, there is a thunderstorm. So of course, I'm watching that. I love thunderstorms. While it's definitely not snowing I would love to see a thunderstorm with some snow. That would be amazing. It's instead raining, but just softly enough that it isn't always clear if the sound I hear is rain, or just the wind in the trees.


  1. It thundersnows all the time in Evanston. Just you wait for a real winter.

  2. One of my friends told me her favorite weather is thunder snow, upon thinking about it I think I agree with her.