Thursday, September 6, 2012

Asylum of the Daleks

Okay, this is late, but I'm getting it in before the next episode airs, and that's what's important.

Beware, Spoilers Ahead!

The episode starts with human shaped Daleks abducting the Doctor, Amy and Rory (who are in the midst of getting divorced) I thought that the Dalek who took Rory was a little strange (he just happened to be on the bus Rory boarded?) but otherwise it worked well. I liked the humanoid Daleks and sort of hope it's a concept they keep around for the future.

Anyway, the Daleks need help because the Daleks in the Asylum could escape. Apparently the Daleks can't destroy them because it's an abomination or something, but it's perfectly fine to ask "The Predator" (aka The Doctor, aka The Oncoming Storm) to do it for them. Doctor hears music from Carmen. It's Jenna-Louise Coleman! The new companion! Or is she... My guess is that she'll be playing a different character when she's introduced properly at Christmas. Anyway, we call her Oswin.

I'm taking a moment here to say how much I loved Amy's little explanation to Rory about what the Doctor is thinking/planning/ect. while on the ship. It just goes to show what great friends she and the Doctor are, that she knows him that well.

So Doctor and the Ponds are sent down to the planet. They have special magic bracelets that will keep them from becoming human Daleks. Amy and the Doctor are separated from Rory, and Amy loses her bracelet, starts having memory issues, tries to befriend a ballerina Dalek. I think the best part of the scene was that when Amy saw the people as the Daleks they were, there really was a twirling Dalek.

Right, with help from Oswin, Rory meets up with the Doctor and Amy. Amy is now unconscious but she does wake up. Angrily. Though she claims that she's merely being Scottish. I'm American, what do I know?

The Doctor realizes the Daleks will destroy the planet, with him and the Ponds on it, as soon as they take down the force field. So he runs off to save Oswin, leaving the Ponds to fix their marriage, something Amy claimed couldn't be done. Rory tries to convince her to take his magic bracelet because he loves her more, so it will take longer to be converted (I can't believe it's taken this long for someone to say this out loud on the show). Never the less, Amy denies this statement as being true. She loves Rory just as much as he loves her. Basically it turns out that Amy can no longer have children because Madam Kovarian was an even bigger jerk face than we thought. So rather than use her words and say something like, "Rory, let's adopt because you want kids and I can't have them," she instead "gave him up". Hugs and kisses all around, it's revealed that the Doctor gave Amy his magic bracelet, and he fixes his bow tie.

Anyway, in getting to Oswin it's revealed that he has to go through the intensive care unit, Daleks who survived him. For some inexplicable reason, it's easier for Oswin to hack into the Daleks hive mind and make them forget who the Doctor is so they'll leave him alone, than it is for her to hack into the door controls to let the Doctor in. Whatever, she eventually gets the door open and there's a huge plot twist. Oswin is a human who was fully converted into a Dalek. She's just been deluding herself that she managed to survive. The Doctor has known for quite a while because she claimed to be making souffle, but wouldn't have had access to fresh milk or eggs. Incidentally, I looked it up. There are souffle recipes that use condensed milk (which comes in a can and has a long shelf life) and no eggs. Just something to consider.

Anyway, Oswin decides that it's what's inside that counts. She sends the Doctor back to the teleport where the Ponds are snogging, and takes down the force field, asking the Doctor to remember her as she was.

The Doctor manages to teleport them all into the TARDIS because he's good at teleports. The Daleks have no clue who he is. Oswin erased him from the minds of all the Daleks before she was destroyed (along with the Ayslum).

Amy and Rory go home, happily back together.

I know I sort of make fun of the episode a little but I did really like it. In the words of Matt Smith, "Never apply logic to Doctor Who." I look forward to the rest of September, even though I'm dreading saying good-bye to Amy and Rory. I'm also looking forward to seeing more of Jenna-Louise Coleman, even if she's a different character, I hope she'll still be similar enough. She did a great job.

Next time, we get dinosaurs. And Rory's Dad, Brian Williams. Formerly, Arthur Weasley. Also it looks like the guy who played Filch is also in next week's episode. As is the Guy who plays Lestrade on Sherlock. There's a good chance I'll be referring to them and Mr. Weasley, Filch, and Lestrade.

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