Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Just because I've already seen a Town Called Mercy doesn't mean that this review is super late.
So the Doctor is chilling with Queen Nefertiti, who doesn't seem to care that he's married (she doesn't care, the Doctor does). He gets a call and decides to bring her with him. Oh no, a spaceship is heading for Earth (in the future). We must stop it. Or Earth will blow it up. You know what that means! We pick up Greg Lestrade who is currently in the early 1900's. And in Africa. Then we go get the Ponds, plus Rory's Dad, Arthur Weasley. Then he gets mad at him for accidentally being kidnapped.

Anyway, BIG TWIST, there are dinosaurs...on the spaceship. Mind blown, right?

Rory, Arthur Weasley and the Doctor are transported to Bad Wolf Bay a beach on the spaceship. Arthur reveals that he just happens to carry a trowel with him. Because who doesn't? We learn that Rory (and presumably now Amy) is 31. Also he doesn't have a Christmas list but the Doctor does. I thought that was a cute scene. Anyway, they run away into a cave and are met by some sassy robots.

Amy, Nefertiti and Lestrade have encountered more dinosaurs. They also learn that the ship is a Silurian one. It contains animals and plants etc. Except it currently no longer contains Silurians. Weird.

Given that it was the Silurian episode from season 5 in which Amy and Rory wave to their future selves, and that one of the Silurians looked like he had been in that episode, I'm wondering if this was what reminded them to go to that hill.

Anyhow, the Doctor learns that the robots are actually the new Mrs. Norris and that Filch is the one who captured them. Also Filch thinks the Doctor is a proper medical doctor and asks him to heal his legs. His legs that were injured by dinosaurs. Mrs. Norris 1 shoots Mr. Weasley but Rory uses his space nursing supplies to fix him while the Doctor fixes Filch.

Filch is the one who murdered the Silurians after they refused to let him sell off the dinosaurs. He scans the Doctor but finds he isn't in the database. The Doctor declares himself, worthless. Anyway, the Silurians programmed the ship so he can't stop it from crashing into Earth. Filch doesn't believe that there really are missiles coming to blow up the ship.

Rory, Arthur and Doctor escape from Filch and Mrs. Norris's on a triceratops. A triceratops that Filch eventually kills. Because he's a poopy head. *Sniff* Poor Tricey.

Filch says he'll leave them alone if he can leave with Queen Neferti since she's really valuable (I thought he was going to want the TARDIS so this was a plot twist to me). She volunteers to go with him because she's awesome and the Doctor starts his plan to save everyone!

In a twist that isn't contrived at all, the ship needs to be flown by two people who are Rory and his dad, Mr. Weasley (I wonder what would happen if Rory/Amy tried to fly it with River as the second pilot). The Doctor sends Amy and Lestrade (who has been super sexist this whole episode) to tranq and dinosaur that gets nearby. Then he teleports to Filch's ship and gets Nefertiti back. But he also trades ship signals to the missiles will hit Filch's ship instead of the dinosaur ship, leaving Filch to die. This was a worrying moment. The Doctor choosing to let someone he could easily save die is bad. This isn't like Pompeii where he had to let people die because it's a fixed point. He wanted Filch dead. He is in a bad place.

So, he comes back with the Queen. He drops her off with Lestrade (unclear if they can still communicate once the TARDIS leaves) since her husband is boring. Amy and Rory go back home. Mr. Weasley starts traveling all over the Earth.

I don't know, I liked the episode, but I don't know if it's one of my favorites. It's possible that I'm just less enthusiastic because I only saw it once, a week ago and just don't remember it so well.

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