Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Coolest Pencils Ever

I was at CVS today doing boring things. I needed to take a new passport picture and I needed to replace the tissue pack I keep in my bag.

It was a normal, boring, trip to the store... until I looked at the back to school section. And saw these:
They're pencils where, instead of sharpening them, you pull out the tip when it gets run down and stick it in the top so a new sharp tip comes out. Obviously there's a limit to how many times you can do this until you get back to the start and have no more sharp tips but still, it's really cool! I had one or two pencils like this in elementary school and I loved them. So as a college student three weeks away from classes starting, I bought them. And I will have so much fun using them.

Note: I haven't written in a while, between work and traveling and everything this blog has been a bit neglected. Not to worry though. I plan on writing a bit extra to make up for it, and then eventually get back on a schedule.

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