Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A True Snow Story (aka first snow of the season)

Last night we got our first snowfall here at school. I was very excited. I put on my coat and scarf and walked down from my dorm to the campus convenience store, for a walk in the snow (plus a snack). On the way there I ran into some girls who asked me to take their picture in the snow (Spoiler alert: I did). I went in and got my snack.

I walked back outside marveling in the snow.

Then I heard an odd sound. I look towards the frat quads and saw movement. The sound was getting closer. Snippets such as "This was a bad idea!" and "Why are we doing this?" became clear.

I saw the movement become more clear as it developed into the shape of four boys running in my direction. I stepped to the side of the sidewalk. As they got closer one thing became very clear. They were not wearing clothes. They were running in the snow in underpants and sneakers. And loudly yelling while they did it.

They ran past me, got to me dorm, turned around and ran back, passing me again.

The best part is that while I certainly wasn't expecting to see this, I wasn't exactly surprised by it either. I think college is warping my perception of what normal is.

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