Monday, November 26, 2012

2 Nice People and a Crazy

I flew back to school yesterday, which meant spending time in the airport. I like airports. They're like magical inbetween places. Still, you don't always want to spend all your time there. Which is why, when I saw that there was a flight that left 2 hours before the one I was scheduled to be on, I wanted on.

I started at the check-in desk, where I met the first nice person. One of the airline employees offered to help me by showing me how to try and switch on the self-check in machine. Unfortunately the earlier flight didn't show up. She explained it was probably full, but maybe I could talk to someone at the gate and get on stand-by. I said good-bye and went through security.

There wasn't anyone at the gate, so I went to the airline lounge thing to talk to an employee. He looked up the flight but unfortunately I wasn't able to switch onto it. Then he did something that made him into nice person number 2. Without me even asking, he started looking to see if he could switch me into a better seat on my plane (he couldn't, my flight was over booked, but still very nice of him).

I went off, wondering what I would do (other than homework) for the next 3 hours in the airport. Then I saw the bookstore. In I went. And that's where I heard the crazy lady. A girl in the bookstore was there with her mother. She asked the mom to get her a particular book and the mom turned her down, claiming the book looked "too mature" for her child. They then left. I looked over at the abandoned book. It was titled "Middle School: Worst Years of my Life". The girl was 9 at the youngest. Yeah, a book about middle school is way too mature for your fourth grader. As I said, crazy lady.

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