Saturday, January 21, 2012

Doodling and Snow

This post is mostly pictures.
I've been working on a doodle lately. I spent some time last night coloring it.

Today I walked around my school campus and took some pictures of what it looks like covered in snow. This is also a little bit of a tour of my campus.

The view from my window.

The building next to my dorm in which all my classes take place.

Churchy looking building near my dorm.

A different churchy building. I think this is actually the theology school.

Deering Meadow and Deering library. It's the old pretty library.

The administrative buildings for the non-engineering departments are in these beautiful houses on campus. It makes me sad that the engineering department offices are all in the tech building where I have my classes.

The arch.

I honestly don't know what this building is but it's pretty.

The rock, painted with paint and snow.

The new, not as pretty library.

Some pretty art and the main music auditorium.

Another cool piece of art.

Norris, the main student center. I stopped off and got a hot chocolate.

The outdoor ice rink at Norris.

The lake, all frozen and pretty.

More pretty buildings.

The gym is in the background but I liked this shot.

And full circle back to my dorm!
Hope you liked the pretty pictures!

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