Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting Excited

I've made it clear in the past that I like snow. As a result this winter has been very disappointing for me, as I have not really had the experience of snow so far. BUT! I was looking at weather.com today and I saw that snow is predicted to start tomorrow night, and continue through Thursday, with flurries on Friday and Saturday. But it get's better!

THERE'S A SPECIAL WEATHER ALERT ABOUT IT GETTING COLD AND SNOWING!!!!!! You know it's going to be good when weather.com issues a special alert about the snow we're going to get. Yes I realize I have once again demonstrated that I do not react the same way about things as other people. I realize that most people don't get this excited about snow (thought they should) and probably view special weather alerts as bad things (normally I'd agree on that one, but SNOW!). All I can say is that I'm really excited for snow. The smell of it, the sound it makes when I walk across it, but most of all the beauty that is looking out the window and seeing everything look clean and pretty.

I'm also excited that the timing works out that it won't start snowing until after I have to walk into town tomorrow to speak to my cell phone company. As much as I love walking in snow, I think it's a little nicer when you get to choose to walk in it, not when you have to. Especially if you have to walk longish distances.

So any, the point of the story is that I'm going to get snow!!!!

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  1. Your are clearly a member of the Satan worshiping "snow" cult. Your kind must be stopped before its too late.