Saturday, January 14, 2012

Funny College Stories (3)

Apparently I have the habit of saying things a little too loudly.  This can lead to embarrassing situations, especially in the dining hall.

1. One of my friends got up to get ice cream and came back with coffee flavored ice cream. She told me  told me the other flavors, including chocolate chip. I went over to get ice cream and discovered that the chocolate chip was actually mint chocolate chip. After my friend finished her ice cream she was debating going and getting more so that she could have mint chocolate chip. It is the responsibility of a college freshman to help keep friends from overeating, because dining halls will convince you that you can eat more than you truly can and make you regret it. I decided to do my part to talk her out of it. However, there's no way to convince someone to not eat mint chocolate chip ice cream. So I chose to blatantly lie to her.

"There's no more mint chocolate chip."

She looked at me with (reasonable) disbelief and pointed over to a guy holding a bowl of mint chocolate chip walking to the table behind us.

"He just got some, so clearly there's some left."

"He took the last of it. Hate him!" That was the part said a little bit too loud. He clearly hear me and turned to stare at us for the rest of dinner.

2. There's a boy in my dorm who plays his music very loudly, causing me to constantly ask him to turn it off or down. He isn't always so great about doing so. As a result, it's become a bit of a recurring joke among my friends and I that this boy and I hate each other. I was having dinner with the friend from above and he walked by. I interrupted my friend.

"Hang on I have to glare at [name]."I don't know if he heard everything I said, or just heard me say his name, but he stopped, turned and went "what?"

So, yeah, maybe I need to watch the volume when I make lame jokes.

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