Thursday, September 8, 2011

Almost There

You know what's not fun? Being the last of your friends to leave for university. (I realize it's probably worse if all your friends are leaving and you aren't but that's not my situation here.) Every time I go on facebook I see another of my friends posting about their classes or their crazy college shenanigans. Meanwhile, I'm sitting at home, wishing I was at school having my own crazy college shenanigans. It's really eliciting some weird emotions because on the one hand they're my friends and I love them, and on the other hand I hate them all on principle for having started already.

Now this past week has been a little better mostly because I've finally been close enough to leaving to justify packing. Which makes me feel like I'm closer to being there. Which I am since I leave for school on Saturday and move in on Monday. That's right I'm less than a week away from university!

Starting late has some advantages and disadvantages. One the one hand, it meant I was able to go to a family gathering last weekend and see my family before I leave. This nice advantage is sort of canceled out however by the two family gatherings I'll be missing next month because I can't just come home for the weekend, however missing those has nothing to do with my school's start time and everything to do with its location. So it counts differently.

Also, due to my school's schedule I'm not only the last to leave, but I'll also be the last to come back home in the spring/summer. But no worries. I'm sure my friends will wait to have a "we're home" party until I get back. Right guys?!?!?!?

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