Saturday, September 24, 2011

Closing Time

This episode was a fun experience, both in terms of what happened in it, and my experience in watching it. I watched with two friends, one of whom is a fan of the show, and one of whom had never seen it before. So there was a lot of explaining of certain things/making references that were followed by "we'll explain later".

First off, I loved seeing the Doctor's ability to speak baby being showcased again. "He prefers Stormageddon Dark Lord of All." "Not mum. I'm 'also not mum' and everyone else is 'peasants'". Also "shh". That baby was adorable by the way.

Anyway, I liked the Doctor trying to resist investigating, especially since he seemed to realize last episode how much he put people in danger, having him trying to resist that, especially with Craig was good to see. Of course, he's been traveling around for two hundred years, and has presumably been having adventures with River (at least Jim the fish), and he may have even had another companion in the meantime who we will meet in novels and audio adventures.

I liked the little Amy/Rory cameo. Honestly, when the girl asked for her autograph and then pointed at the Doctor I thought it was going to turn out that Amy had written children's books about the Doctor not that she was a model, though considering she was a kiss-o-gram modeling probably fits in. Anyone else wondering if she signed it as Amy Pond or Amy Williams?

Overall I liked the episode, though I thought the whole "defeating the Cybermen with love was very reminiscent of Night Terrors when the Dad just had to tell the kid they wouldn't send him away. Or last week where it was the breaking of faith that saved the day. Or the gas mask zombie episode where the mum had to hug her kid and say she's his mum. It's a good ending, I just feel it's a little overdone.

That being said the ending with River was amazing! Just wow. I am very excited for next week and really want the ending to amaze me. (Oh, let's not forget last season when Amy brought the Doctor back by remembering and believing!) (Sorry I just couldn't resist.) (Also, at least Doctor Who is creative with how they get to the ending unlike every crime show which follows the same plot structure for every episode.)

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