Saturday, September 3, 2011

Night Terrors

I didn't love this week's episode of Doctor Who. I liked it, I just didn't love it.

I liked that after last week's very arc heavy storyline (I've seen some reviews criticize the episode as one that could have taken place anywhere and therefore wasting what could have been a great Hitler episode. I see their point but I still loved the episode) this week was more of a standalone story.

I liked the Doctor receiving the message on his psychic paper asking for help. While I did question the fact that he could track the kid to the apartment complex but not the specific apartment, I loved the little scene with all the different apartments. Also it was a way to explain why Amy and Rory weren't at the apartment with the Doctor when he found the kid as well as why he wasn't worried that they were taking so long or something.

Maybe it's because I saw the creepy dolls in the preview but I figured out pretty quickly that Rory and Amy were in a dollhouse.

I liked the bit with the Doctor and the Rubix Cube. I liked the Doctor turning all the toys on for George and his sonicing the cupboard. "It's off the charts!"

The Dad's reaction to the Doctor freaking out about the cupboard was great. I also liked the Doctor just making himself at home in the kitchen and the Dad (I guess I can call him Alex) reacting to the Doctor's speech.

The Doctor: Through crimson stars and silent stars and tumbling nebulas like oceans set on fire; empires of glass and civilizations of pure thought — and a whole terrible, wonderful universe of impossibilities. You see these eyes? They're old eyes — and one thing I can tell you, Alex: monsters are real.
Alex: You're not from Social Services, are you?
(I also loved the Doctor going back and forth about opening the cupboard)
When Amy and Rory were trapped in the room and Amy suggested opening the door my thought was "Idiot". Then they opened the door and it appeared to work so I thought "maybe not." Then Amy got turned into a doll and I thought "nope I was right". I loved the effects on the transformations by the way.

I had some problems with the reveal about George. I normally like monsters as physical manifestations of emotional problems (see most episodes of Buffy) but in this case I'd rather have had an actual monster. Also while I liked the message that it's important to love adopted kids just as much as biological kids I had some issues with the idea that the kid is just going to be whatever his parents what him to be.

Also I'm pretty sure this is another everybody lives episode though it was done somewhat differently the parent just needing to hug the kid was a direct rip off from The Doctor Dances ending with the gas mask zombie and his mummy.

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