Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Girl Who Waited

Okay, so this is clearly an episode that's better to watch all in one go rather than piece meal. I however watched it bit by bit so I don't think I enjoyed it as much as I will once I get the chance to see it all the way through. That being said, this episode was very good through I feel it could have been better.

I liked the opening dialogue about Apalapocheer (or however it's spelled) as well as the planet of the coffee shops. I thought the way Amy got left behind was a little contrived. Rory obviously saw there were two buttons, he didn't think to say push the green button instead of just push the button? Really?

Anyway, so I still like seeing the relationship between Amy and Rory. I liked the comparison that Rory waited 2000 years for Amy and still loved her but Amy waits for 36 years and gets all angry and bitter at them. That being said I think there's a difference between the two situations in that Rory knew where Amy was when he waited and he also had to protect her, while Amy was waiting to be saved, so it makes sense to me that her reaction would be different. Also in The Doctor's Wife when Rory was left behind by Amy he turned bitter (although that wasn't really him but I think House messing with Amy's mind).

Older Amy was amazingly awesome. I loved Robot Rory. I thought he was adorable. The glasses were amazing. They made me think of nerdfighters and I think they were cool.

I really like seeing how older Amy and Rory interacted. I loved his comment "I don't mind that you grew old. I mind that we didn't grow old together." (Might not be the exact quote but it's close enough.)

The conversation between the two Amy's was lovely. I liked how Amy was just convincing herself. I also loved the little Rory story (he told everyone he was in a band).

The ending was heartbreaking. I've seen some people say this episode should have been called Rory's Choice and while I agree that would be a fitting title, I think it would have sort of given away the ending.

One little note, the Doctor says there can't be two Amy's in the TARDIS but what about Space/Time? I'm just saying.

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