Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Funny College Stories Part 1

I plan on making this a feature of my blog. Not necessarily a weekly feature, but a feature. There will be more than just this one part.

The theme of these stories is drunken behavior whilst completely sober. The first story at least would be less embarrassing had I been drunk.

1. Today in the dining hall I was walking to put away my dishes. I had two bowls, a plate, a glass and a water bottle. All were empty except the plate had a heap of rice on it because I had discovered that I didn't actually like the rice they were serving that night very much. I had stacked the dishes so the the bowls were nestled and the plate was on top. I was holding the glass and water bottle tucked in the crooks of my arms and was gripping the bottom bowl. I was walking behind a friend and arguing about whether an actor was alive or dead (I was right that he was alive). Anyway, I slipped or skidded or stopped or something and the plate flipped over sending rice flying everywhere. The plate hit my friend's ankle then the floor. But it didn't just hit the floor, it kind of vibrated loudly. I reached for it and some nice guy picked it up first and handed it to me (thank you!). Basically I accepted it, thanked him and ran off after my friend. So, that happened.

This one's more funny than embarrassing.

2. I had to meet a study group at 8 in the library, about a 10 minute walk from my dorm. When I left my dorm at 7:52 I noticed that a Safe Rides car was waiting outside the door. I went over to the driver's side and knocked on the window. The driver said nothing but waved her hands weirdly. I opened the door to speak with her. Immediately she said, "No you sit in the backseat." My only thought is that she thought I was so drunk that I wanted to sit and drive with her. I quickly explained that I was not drunk, but lazy and wondered if I could get a ride to the library. As the actual car passenger got in the driver explained that I would need to call first to actually use Safe Rides. So not only was I mistaken for a drunk, I had to walk to the library.

Anyone want to share their own funny or embarrassing college stories?

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