Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Wedding of River Song

I am very happy right now. This week's episode was amazing. I loved seeing the world where all of time was happening at once, "Don't Feed the Pterodactyls" was great as was Winston Churchill "informing" the Doctor of downloads. I liked how they flashed around with the Doctor getting the different bits of information, I especially loved the idea of electric chess. I had heard that Dorian was going to be back and I assumed it would be a scene taking place before his beheading, but I liked how they did it, and also how they implied he would.could be back again.

I liked how they interspersed scenes from Impossible Astronaut into the episode until it all changed. I liked how they made it seem like Winston might have been ordered by the Silence to kill the Doctor, until they showed the Doctor with a weapon of his own. Alterna-Amy and Alterna-Rory were awesome. "What's Captain Williams first name?" "Captain."

When Rory was standing alone to hold off the Silence, even with his eye piece malfunctioning I was just so... For a second there I really thought they might kill Rory for real. Especially when the Silence referenced him dying multiple times (seriously are they ever going to explain that?) I got a little nervous. But then Amy came back for him!!!!!!!! And I loved her scene with Madam Kovarian. "The Doctor isn't here." And then when she put the eye patch back on "She didn't get it all from you." Chills. I had chills.

As one of my friends who watched the episode with me noted, the line "We got married and had a kid. That's her." is a lot more reasonable in the 'all of time at once' universe than in our normal one. I like that Amy and Rory end up together no matter what.

The wedding was very sweet. "I need a strip of cloth about a foot long." Bow ties are cool. River:"What am I doing?" Doctor: "As you're told." Then they got married and the universe went back to normal. I had the question of whether the Doctor actually loves River or if he just married her because he had to, but I think the end of the episode indicated that he really does love her back. "Her days in jail, but her nights, that's between us."

So the big twist. I loved how the Doctor managed to escape his own death. That beat where he walks away from the offer of help and then pops back. I'd heard people speculate that he'd use a Ganger and I was pleased that he didn't. I also think that what they did was different enough that it isn't a potato/potahto situation.

Amy and River at the end was very sweet. I liked the moment when Amy realized she's the Doctor's mother-in-law. "Dad, I think Mummy needs another drink."

I like that the Doctor is trying to go back to just being an adventurer who helps out. It gets back to the heart of the show while still acknowledging the history of what he's done. I'm curious if they are going to have people report "Doctor sightings" similar to Elvis sightings. I wonder what's going to happen when he again runs into a major enemy, like the Cybermen or the Daleks.

Finally, the question hidden in plain sight. Doctor Who? I think a lot of people expected something along those lines to be the question but they did it very well. It reminded me a bit of how they did the reveal of who River was. It had been leaked what her identity was but they revealed it so well that it didn't matter that we already knew. I'm looking forward to Christmas.

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