Tuesday, March 6, 2012

100 Happy Things


It's the 100th post on Full Circle Crazy!!!!! In honor of this, I present a list of 100 things that make me smile, in no particular order.

1. Puppies.

2. Babies
This is my cousin H. He is the most adorable baby ever. This is not up for debate. If you feel differently, you are wrong.
Unless you are my mother arguing that I was the most adorable baby ever. That is an acceptable position.
3. Comic-Con/panel interviews with the casts of science fiction shows

4. When the Doctor speaks baby

5. Seeing this when I peer up from my computer.
It's my Pillow Pet unicorn, Agnes.
6. XKCD comics

7. Smartfood Popcorn

8. Movie Theater Popcorn

9. PopSecret Homestyle Popcorn

10. The feeling when the popcorn kernel that was stuck between my tooth and gum finally dislodges.

11. Getting actual, physical mail.
Of course I'm covering up my address. This is the internet.
12. Stephanie Perkins' books

13. Hot Showers

14. Being done with all my midterms/finals/etc.

15. The yarn aisle in craft stores.
I didn't take this picture, but this looks like a Michaels craft store.
16. Wrock

17. Libraries

18. Bookstores

19. Snow!
One of many unused shots from "Doodling and Snow"
20. Driving

21. Seeing friends I haven't seen in a long time

22. Taking shortcuts

23. The Harry Potter series

24. The Harry Potter fandom

25. That Harry Potter inspired a wonderful charity.
Learn more at thehpalliance.org
26. Nerdfighteria

27. Trock

28. Doctor Who

29. Doctor Who fandom

30. Using things that I've made
My red backpack of wonder. Those are Wrock buttons adorning it, with a few others thrown in for fun.
31. Seeing other people use things that I've made.

32. The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio (movie)

33. John Green's "The Miracle of Swindon Town" videos

34. The fact that the above has been written about in an actual Swindon newspaper.

35. "No homework this week."

36. "No class today/tomorrow"

37. Sarah Dessen's books

38. Growing things
You may remember these from "A Simpler Pet". They still haven't bloomed but they've definitely been growing.
39. Getting discounts on items I need to buy anyway

40. When I think of an item for this list

41. Alice in Wonderland

42. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy references

43. Pixie Stix
Full of sugary goodness
44. Calvin and Hobbes

45. Pomegranate seeds

46. When my phone makes the noise that means I either have a text or an e-mail.

47. Unicorns

48. Despicable Me

49. The fact that the nerdfighter sign appears in Despicable Me.
All you have to do is make Spock symbols and cross your arms!
50. My friends suggesting I lower my expectations and only write 50 things.

42. Juice boxes

52. When books get meta.

53. Jasper Fforde's books

54. Cookies

55. Inanimate objects that look like they have faces
This building is in Italy. I picture it greeting every day by singing to the sun.
56. Coming home after being away for a while.

57. Sleeping in my bed at home after being away for a while.

58. Getting to come home 3 days earlier than planned.

59. Finding items I've been looking for

60. Joss Whedon interviews

61. Finishing an exam and feeling confident in how I did.

62. Finding out that the terrible exam grade I got was still higher than the average.

63. Band-aids with cartoon characters or silly images on them.
I had these band-aids until they got used up.
64. Bulletin boards that only have relevant fliers on them.

65. Using Green Cup as an excuse for why I haven't done laundry.

66. ThinkGeek.com

67. Ravelry.com

68. Curling up in bed with a good book and a snack

69. Coming up with incredibly unrealistic and unlikely explanations for things.

70. Hot Cookie Bar
They have this every Sunday in my dining hall. It looks so gross but it tastes so good.
71. Having someone to sit with in the dining hall.

72. Putting on "shuffle" mode and having a song I like come up.

73. Actually knowing the words to a song.

74. Thinking I know the words to a song and realizing I'm wrong.

75. Knowing where my keys are without having to search around first.

76. This sign
NBN stands for North by Northwestern, a student website/magazine.
77. Actually knowing what to bid in bridge.

78. Friends

79. Playing with little kids

80. Getting a good night's sleep.

81. Wa-Wa
Don't even try to tell me that you don't have some childhood toy or blanket that makes you smile.
82. My family.

83. Care packages

84. Actually doing something that I want to do "someday."

85. Class ending early

86. Airline travel.
I know I'm in a minority here, but I enjoy flying.
87. Using my drivers licence as ID to fly instead of my passport.

88. Sherlock

89. Joss Whedon shows (When he's not killing off my favorite characters)

90. Meeting people with similar interests

91. Smarties!
More sugary goodness! And just in time for finals.
92. Writing

93. Remembering dreams

94. Sudoku

95. Remembering people's birthdays without Facebook.

96. Unicorns

97. The moments when I feel psychic

98. Winning.

99. My dorm room wall.
There are pictures in the picture.

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