Saturday, March 31, 2012

Visiting Seniors

So it's that time of year again. That time when seniors race to their computers, log in to their accounts and learn whether or not they have been accepted or rejected. It's also time for increased numbers of school tours. School tours happen in two main waves, fall and spring.

In the fall, many seniors go and visit schools they think they may like to apply to. These tours last until the end of December when applications are due. Then college visits decrease, with some ambitious juniors braving the colder weather. Then, as it starts to warm up the tours really get going more. Juniors who are beginning to look at school travel around to get a sense of what they're in for and seniors make plans to visit the schools that admitted them to help make the final decision.

All of this is to say, there have been a lot of tours of my school lately. And it's getting harder and harder not to sneak onto them and ask ridiculous questions. And by ridiculous I mean things like this:

1. Isn't it difficult to commute between here and Boston everyday? (My school is in the Chicago area but is constantly confused with a similarly named one in Boston)

2. I heard this school won some recognition for having vegetarian and vegan options. Does this mean I won't be able to eat meat? *they try to explain that there are also meat options* But I thought this was a vegetarian friendly school! *They say it is* Then why don't you serve meat! *We do* But not exclusively! (and repeat forever until they go mad)

3. Is it true that the engineers never have to go into the sun? I heard all the north campus buildings have secret passageways so they never have to go outside. Is that so they stay nice and pale and don't get made fun of by their D&D groups?

4. What's this school's policy on admitting veterans? (someone actually asked this while I was visiting my school)

5. What's the toilet paper like here?

Don't forget you have until noon tomorrow to vote about me doing BEDA!

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