Saturday, March 10, 2012

Time to Focus

For some reason my brain thinks that reading week and finals week are the best time for me to work on independent writing projects and re-watching old TV shows.

So far this week I've written two new chapters for the book, as well as editing a few old ones. I've finished re-watching Dollhouse.

I've also, to my credit, have nearly finished my final project for my programming class. I also spent today looking over practice tests for math and determining what I need to improve on. In about half and hour I'm going to a math review session. Tomorrow is dedicated to studying for chemistry and trying to finish the programming stuff. Then Monday brings two finals, followed by more programming fun. Tuesday is for packing, studying for EA and going to programming office hours because I swear I will finish before I leave. Wednesday has one last final, and then if everything goes according to plan, I will be coming home.

Also, somewhere in all of that I will be trying to finish up all my points for the quarter since they don't carry over and I literally have half of them left.

Basically it's time to focus. But then I get spring break! And unlike the lame-os on the semester system I will have no homework over break. Assuming I finish my programming before I leave. And even then I will have no homework after Friday.

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