Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break!

I'm on spring break. Now, this typically brings up all sorts of images and associations but let me be clear. I'm not on a beach. I'm not partying in wild Bacchanalia. I'm at home. Today I went out, returned some library books and submitted a job application for the summer.

Yeah, I know how to let loose.

But you know what, I'm having fun on my break. I'm getting to read, and catch up on TV and come even closer to finishing a sweater I've been knitting for months now. Although to be fair the reason it's taken months is because I only work on it while I'm home. Not at school. So there are literally months when I couldn't work on it. Also, to be honest, since all I have left to do is stuff like sewing seams I'll probably finish over summer break because that part is less fun than the knitting part.

So that's a bit of a summary of my spring break.

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  1. Nothing wrong with not doing anything "out there" on spring break.