Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Quarter and BEDA

Hello all! Look I'm posting on Tuesday again! For some reason school break tends to lead to me being delinquent in posting here. But I'm back!

So I started a new quarter yesterday I'm taking 5 new classes. Well sort of. There's one project class that I took in the fall and am now taking again. I'm doing this because I'm supposed to take it twice. I didn't fail it. There are differences between the fall and spring versions. It's a whole different project. Anyway, the new quarter is off to a great start. My first class yesterday I made sure to arrive early, which was good because the room was hiding. Seriously. I had to go in the front door, go up the stairs, walk down the hall and go down the back stairs. The entrance to the class is in the stairwell. Needless to say this isn't an engineering class. The rooms in that building make sense. I think I should redesign the building to make sense but I doubt the administration would agree.

Also, if I managed to do it correctly, there should now be a poll somewhere. Last August I did BEDA (Blog Every Day in August). I just realized that April is about to start. Technically speaking April is the true BEDA month. Now I'm willing to do BEDA again, but I'm also perfectly happy keeping up this twice a week schedule. So I'm letting you all vote on it. It's up to you if I do BEDA again. The poll will (hopefully) be open through March 31. Vote away!

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