Sunday, April 1, 2012

BEDA Rules (April 2012)

Okay it looks like I am in fact doing BEDA. This means that I need to set some rules so it's clear what this entails.

1. I must post a blog entry every day for the month of April. As long as I post before midnight my time (central time zone) it counts.

2. If I am going to be missing a post for some reason I must announce it ahead of time. As long as I announce missed posts in advance I may make it up, either before or after the day with no post.

3. If I miss a post without announcing it ahead of time, I still have to make it up and people may suggest penalties in comments. I have final say over what penalty will be enacted if that occurs.

4. The exception to rule 3 is if injury or illness prevents me from posting, in which case I need only to make it up on a later date.

5. A post must be a minimum of one sentence long. However, if I do too many "This is a post" posts, a penalty may be suggested. I will decide how many brief posts is too many.

6. If my school work starts to suffer I'm allowed (or as my mom would say, required) to stop.

That should cover everything, though I may update the rules if I think of anything I neglected to think of. Also, this counts as my post for today. Ha.

1 down. 29 to go.

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