Sunday, August 28, 2011

Change of Plans

So today was going to be part one of going over the Charleston trip I just got back from. But then there was a hurricane and I decided not to worry so much about putting the pictures on my computer so I could write about where I was. So instead I'll talk about hurricane Irene. Basically, my house and area are fine. My town had a huge storm about a year and a half ago referred to as Treepocalypse because there were so many down trees. School was canceled for a week. Half the town lost power for some period of time.

Basically I was expecting round two of that. What ended up happening is that there was a pretty big storm last night but we didn't lose power, our house is fine. There have been some fallen trees but not nearly as intense as previously.

In the meantime all our patio furniture is indoors because we didn't want it flying away. I have an emergency bag sitting on the floor of my room, unused. The roof, despite my mom's worries did not fly off. While I obviously didn't want anything to happen to the house or anything, there's sort of that feeling when you prep for a big emergency that it had better be worth it. So while I'm glad there's no real damage part of me is like, "That's it?" Oh well. At least the storm distracted me from the fact that one of my best friends is moving into her dorm today (Assuming her school, which was in the path of the hurricane, hasn't delayed opening).

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