Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Downside

So as awesome as my job is (I listed one of the many reasons yesterday), there is one big downside. The Parking lot I have to park in is evil. There are only about 4-5 spots that I can use and they are hard to get to. They are marked on the picture with orange dots. Today I was parked one space away from the end. During my time at work some evil jerk came and parked blocking me in. This was not nice.

Luckily my boss moved his car and then helped me to get my car out. He then left a note on the evil car warning them that they'd be towed if they did it again. So, that just shows, another reason my job is better than yours, an amazing boss. But if you have easy parking, you have one over on me.  Let me know good things/bad things about your summer job (or normal job) in the comments.

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