Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Impossible Astronaut

First off, I love the opening with Amy and Rory looking through history at all the different places the Doctor's been cropping up. I think it's nice that they were given the chance to go off and be married for a while. I didn't get the impression that they'd intended to leave for good but rather that they were taking a holiday of some sort. (Unlike other companions who once they leave, are gone for good). Only question, I'm assuming Rory went back to work as a nurse, is Amy still working as a kiss-o-gram? If not what is she doing?

"She's doing it again. She's packing." I've got to say, for a maximum security prison they do a terrible job of keeping River locked up. I mean, she escapes all the time! Loved her shooting off the stetson. Poor Doctor never gets a hat.

I like how the Silence were (was?) introduced. It was, well not subtle, but not loudly announced either.

I love how the person the Doctor trusts most in the universe is himself.

I have semi-mixed feelings about River sneakily fixing the things on the TARDIS for the Doctor. I thought it was a very funny bit, but it did reinforce what I've noticed many people don't like about her which is that she's sort of a know-it-all. (I really want them to do an episode where she knows him well enough but hasn't done most of the stuff she's mentioned before. I don't think she and the Doctor have to be moving in completely opposite directions, it'd be nice if they traveled together for a while).

"I walked into the oval office with a big blue box. You aren't going the shoot me." "They're American!" "Don't shoot!"

River and Rory in the tunnels. I loved how he's trying to get to know her. Some Daddy-daughter bonding! Did anyone else think the thing she found in the tunnel looked like the TARDIS control room from The Lodger? No? Just me? Finally, what's the worst thing you can do if you've just mentioned that you think you're pregnant? Shooting a kid right after. Especially if that might be your own kid. 

Overall I liked the episode a lot. Also, since we've all been wondering I'll leave you with this burning question. What would happen if the Silence got in a staring contest with the weeping Angels?

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