Sunday, August 14, 2011

I love Ravelry

So I may not have mentioned this on here before but I'm a knitter. I also crochet but mostly I knit. I'm signed up for a knitter social network called Ravelry. Normally I've been using Ravelry to find alternative patterns, or to get inspiration. I recently picked up eight skeins of a yarn I had no plans for because it was on a fantastic sale. So I searched the yarn on Ravelry and got some ideas for things to make with it. So far I've done a few things but I still have plenty of yarn left.

Today I decided to search in patterns just out of curiosity of what there was. I quickly realized there were a lot of Harry Potter and Doctor Who patterns. A lot. So, I've been downloading free patterns this afternoon.
Harry Potter scarf bookmarks,
Photo and Pattern Credit: Ann Kingstone

TARDIS Kindle cases and so much more.
Photo and Pattern Credit: Stephanie Walls

Obviously there are fourth Doctor scarf patterns (already did it thank you very much)
Photo and Pattern Credit: Tara Wheeler

but the patterns I found most cool were these:

Photo and Pattern Credit: Holynarf

Photo and Pattern Credit: Holynarf

Photo and Pattern Credit: Marie Wright
They're dishtowels/blanket squares/coaster/pretty much anything. I love it. Normally when I have leftover yarn I make squares then sew them into blankets. The hardest part is usually trying to find unique patterns so they aren't all boring squares. Now that I've seen these cool texture pictures (easier than two color knitting) I'm excited for the next one.

Quick Disclaimer: I don't own these images or patterns. They are the property of the people who took them and made them. All images were found on Ravelry. If you own the image/pattern and would like me to remove it (or fix the credit if I miss credited it) please just let me know.

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