Saturday, August 6, 2011

FINALLY!!!!! Sort of...

I've been waiting for a while for my school to release my housing information for next year so that I might finally know where I will be living next year. After waiting eagerly for about a month I finally checked the school website and learned that the email with the link to my housing information would be sent out the first week of August. Keep in mind I was reading this a week ago. Then, on Monday I got an email from Freshmen Housing...

...letting me know that I'd be getting an email within the next few days with my housing information. Thanks for that guys. So I spent all this week obsessively checking my email looking for this. Last night I finally recieved my housing email. According to the email my housing contract would contain my room assignment, meal plan information and my roommate (if I was getting one) (which I was/am). Well, 2/3 isn't so bad. I know where I'm living and that I'm currently signed up for the default meal plan. I don't know who I will be living with. I know I have a roommate because my room is (room number)b. So there is probably a (room number) a. I am super excited to call in on Monday find out what's going on guys, I can't even tell you. (@sarcasm)

UPDATE: The system seems to have just been taking a while. I now have a roommate. Yay!

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