Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Morning Routine.

I've discovered that I have a new morning routine. When I wake up (after hitting the snooze button IN MY SLEEP) I look at the clock and see what time it is. Then I make a list in my head of the things I have to do, and roughly how long it takes to do them, and what requires leaving the house. Then depending on what I have to do that first requires me to leave the house I decide if I can go back to sleep and for how long, then do, or tell myself I really need to get up. Often I sleep later than I should have and justify it by skipping items on my little to do list.

For example, this morning I woke up at 7. For no reason. the alarm didn't go off for another hour or anything. My to do list was:
1. Bathroom stuff (brush teeth ect.)
2. Clothing
3. Breakfast
4. Pack lunch
5. Go to work, must be done at 9:15.
Clearly, I could go back to sleep. When my alarm went off again. I reviewed my list, and hit snooze. Anyway, I actually got up around 8:45. While I had time to get breakfast and make lunch I ended up skipping those steps.

And that's my morning. I haven't told my roommate yet about my snooze button habits. Then again, I'm getting the top bunk so presumably once I've gotten down to hit the button I'll actually be awake since that requires effort. (If you are wondering why I don't just put the alarm across my room it's very simple. I don't want to trip on something in my half asleep state and break my leg.)

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