Sunday, August 7, 2011

Italy Trip Part 1

So back in April, I went to Italy and I said I would write all about it. Fast forward three months and I still haven't written a word. So... here goes. (Note: I have pictures but I don't know how well I'll be able to place them in the blog.

So the trip started in these beautiful gardens. As it's three months later I don't remember the name, but I know it was near Rome (if you know where this is please let me know and I'll update it). EDIT: Villa D'Este! Thanks Henry!

 Great view from the top of the gardens.
 They had an organ inside there.
 Me at the gardens.
The view from the edge of the gardens.
Before we went to the gardens we had lunch at an amazing little hole in the wall (kind of literally) that was so pretty. As we were waiting to get inside we got to explore the areas around the garden and we saw some cool sites.

 The restaurant.
 Very pretty street view. Why can't American streets be as pretty as Italian ones?
Some cool graffiti. I take Spanish but I'm pretty sure it says "Gabriele lives. Spaccarotella dies (should die?)" If you know for sure please let me know.
 This little village had a castle! A castle! I love castles!
 I love how this building looks like a face.
 My friends and I, being the mature grown-up type people we are found a playground. (We also found public bathrooms. See how mature I am to not be posting that picture!)

The view from the playground.

Then we went to Rome, where our hotel was. We spent a few days there. I'll write more about Rome tomorrow but in the meantime...

 We passed this on the way to the hotel.
This was near our hotel. It was a meet-up spot for a lot of the time when we were in Rome. There were usually a lot of cats there. I have pictures of this somewhere but I'll find them later.

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