Friday, August 5, 2011

Movies in Spanish

So to prepare for my Spanish placement exam for university I decided to watch a bunch of movies in Spanish, since the immersion tactic is supposed to be more effective than the reading about what each tense is tactic. (also having done this with the Twilight movies for my midterm it seemed to sort of work. I also learned that the movie is much better in Spanish. Except for Charlie's part. If I could have him in English and the rest in Spanish that would be great!)

Anyway, I'm watching Juno in Spanish now and it's really interesting. Some lines were directly translated and others not so much. It's really funny to compare parts. One example, at the beginning when the clerk is being mean she says "Silencio old man" in the English version. In the spanish version she says, "cállate viejo estupido" aka, shut up stupid old man."

The most surreal part for me was that the voice actors don't just say the lines, but all the grunting or sighs are also redone by the voice actors which is funnier to me than it should be. The singing however, they left the original actors' voices in. Not to mention all the parts where there's something written are read by this Spanish man's voice (the seasons, Juno's signature in Bleeker's yearbook ect.).

What movies do you think are fun to watch in another language?

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