Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Italy Trip Part 3

Okay so this part starts with the Vatican.

Yes that one. With the pope. Whom my friend Monika decided to start writing a movie about. (It's called "The Pope and Me". It's an adorable story and a group of us worked together to make a little theme song for it's opening credits.) Anyhoo... Who likes Michelangelo?
I had two pictures of this and the lighting wasn't great on either one. This one was slightly better lighting so I choose this.

I loved how amid all this classic renaissance art in the Vatican there was also this really modern looking piece.

Here's some of that typical Vatican-y art you were all expecting.

Somehow my argument that the Pope let people paint on his ceiling didn't do much to convince my parents to let me paint my ceiling. That fact that I don't have the ability to make it look anywhere near this good should be irrelevant.

Cool shot using a window as a mirror. Dr. Texas pointed out that we could do this.

Back in Rome, a nice scenery shot on the way to dinner.

We also passed these on the way to dinner. (The Spanish Steps guys)

I loved the Trevi Fountain. I think I got decent lighting on this despite it being night. And henceforth dark.

It's the pumpkin dome. Can you guess why?

 The next day we went to the Colosseum.
This is the less famous view of it from the inside.

A bunch of people playing Ninja nearby the Colosseum. It seemed fitting at the time. Also, the reason everyone has an earphone it is because we had these devices called whispers that allowed Dr. Texas to tell us things about what we were seeing with having to be loud in museums. He spoke into a little microphone and we heard him in our ear. We also heard it when he coughed into the microphone. That was a weird experience. These come up in another fun story from Florence.

This is supposedly the cave where Romulus and Remus were originally raised by the wolf.

So that's it for Rome. Tomorrow, Sienna and (maybe) a bit of Florence.

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